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Why Bagels Are Always, Always Worth It

If you know me IRL you know my (unhealthy) obsession for breakfast food or any food actually. Like any other person in this world, I find myself struggling between eating delicious food while still trying to look good. After college I started learning that my body started to react to food differently and my image started to change aka I needed to start working out (eye roll). My body wasn’t bouncing back as quickly as it used to and I decided to make a change. Through this journey, I have learned that my body is completely different than the girl next to me. On the outside we may look similar but its so much deeper than that. What may work for one person may not work for you and that is perfectly fine. At the end of your day it is your body and you need to be happy with how you look and feel. Disclaimer, I am by no means a health expert or fitness expert, I am simply a girl who who lives on a budget, loves cheese and bagels too much but still wants to look fit and toned. If you want to know a breakdown of what I've been doing, continue to read below :)

Some background context for you:

In college I was known to never really workout but still maintained a “slim figure”. See photos below.

I drank 3-4 nights a week and pretty much ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted which included BECS ( bacon egg and cheese ) on bagels or croissants 3-4 days a week. Don’t judge….they were/are so good.

I walked around A LOT, whether it was to/from my classes or apartment or commuting to the city for interning.

Fast forward to four years after college and it’s May 2014 and I just landed my first big girl job. My diet in terms of drinking and eating like crap decreased significantly due to my lifestyle but my physical activity level stayed the same. Fast forward another one and half years later, and I am working out 4-5 days of the week, completed my first sprint triathlon (HEY TRI CLUB), drinking 1-2 days a week ( can’t keep to shake that one off….), and not eating BECS every weekday ( we gotta start somewhere right?). What have I learned from this? It’s damn hard and doesn’t happen overnight.

Workouts I Do (This is a mock weekly schedule but essentially what my workouts look like week to week)

  • Monday: Get Fit with Nik Bootcamp

  • Tuesday: Swerve Fitness Spin Class

  • Wednesday:Swerve Fitness Spin Class

  • Thursday: Rest

  • Friday: Fly Barre Class

  • Saturday:Swerve Fitness Spin Class

There are a couple of reasons why I choose to rotate between the same three workouts and it’s because I like the results that I have been getting. I was never one to love cardio or running on a treadmill, it actually makes me want to die (not literally). In order to get my cardio, I like to attend indoor cycling classes, this will get your heart rate up while still working out your whole body + I work part time at a spin studio so I may be a little biased. Due to me not loving cardio and not wanting a stick thin body, I began to take barre classes which is comprised of tiny movements that strengthen, lengthen, and tone your muscles. If you haven’t tried barre class then I’m not sure what you are waiting for! Barre classes are one of the most underrated workouts leaving your legs to be sore for days and you not being able to sit on the toilet #RealTalk. Lastly to round out my workouts I like to do a full body bootcamp that hits all points from intense cardio to weight lifting. When i started lifting weights about a year ago, I noticed that my body started to become stronger, toned, and have an overall athletic look...and I was digging it.

Overall, my workouts increased and now I have been focusing on my diet. As you can tell from the title of this blog post I LOVE bagels and carbs and all things bad for you which means that I will never ever cut that out of my diet. BUT, I have learned that everything in moderation is okay. I try to eat clean during the week and then reward myself on the weekends because a bagel once in a while doesn't hurt I right or am I right?

Let me know what your favorite workouts below are!

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