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The Secret to the Pearly Whites | At Home Teeth Whitening

It's no doubt that we all have our insecurities. Whether it's about our weight, hair, face, what clothes we are wearing, or how good we are at singing. In general, I would say that I am a pretty confident person because I firmly believe in if you look good you feel good. However, like

everyone, I do have insecurities and flaws that I'm embarrassed about!

Growing up as one of four, two out of the four of my siblings received dental work and the other two (including me) did not. Apparently, my teeth "weren't bad enough for braces";. I guess I'll take it! I have always taken pretty good care of my teeth with regular checkups and the rare cavity fill, but I never really looked into the teeth whitening process, mainly because it was either too expensive or not sustainable. The most I've done were teeth whitening strips every now and again when they were on sale (ballin on a budget, am I right?) When Smile Brilliant reached out to collab I was thrilled and excited to see what it was all about! What I was really drawn to was how easy it was to do in the comfort of your own home! No more taking off work days to go to the doctors -- and no more added bills!

The Process

The first step of the process was a questionnaire asking about my dental history. After I completed that I was sent a Smile Brilliant Package that contained, Teeth Whitening Gel, Desensitizing Gel, instructional sheets and Teeth Molds with a provided envelope. One thing thatI really enjoyed from these teeth whitening process were the customized whitening gel trays.This honestly was a game changer because now all areas of my teeth can be covered vs. just a strip of them from drug store strips. After molding my teeth (which btw took maybe 10min) I sent them in and a week later I received my custom whitening trays! Super simple, easy and user-friendly.

The instructions suggest whitening every day before bed in order to receive optimal results however with my busy schedule of getting home late etc. I tried to whiten them at least once every other day which worked for the most part. The actual whitening process takes about minimum of 1 hour and 20min, which is suggested to do right before you go to bed, so you avoid putting anything into your mouth and staining your teeth. After using the whitening gel for 1hour and then the desensitizing gel for 15-20min the whole process was done! I experienced little to

no sensitivity which I'm so happy about! The only time I receive slight irritation was when I kept the whitening gel on for more than an hour, other than that I was good to go! After completing the whitening kit for 2 weeks, these are my results. Top picture (before),

bottom picture (after!)

After completing the whitening kit for 2 weeks, these are my results. Top picture (before), bottom picture (after!)

I'm super happy with how my teeth have turned out especially for it being so easy and affordable! For someone who lives off coffee, this two week process has wiped off years of stains and left me with some pearly whites! So excited to live life more confidently now :)


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