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Be uncomfortable, in order to be comfortable

We as humans like comfort. We thrive off of people we know and who know us. We tend to be our true selves when we are around people who know us best. Being in a comfort zone is a good thing. A good thing for one's self esteem, anxiety, and self-being. But the curiosity of the unknown is always enticing, or to me it is at least. It became so enticing that I decided to make a decision. A decision that would change my everyday actions and overall lifestyle. A decision that put me out of my comfort zone and into an unfamiliar zone where I knew no one and no one knew me.


In the beginning of October, I decided to pack everything I owned ( jk only 3 suitcases because your girl didn't want to pay extra $$), booked a one way flight to Los Angeles, California and did the damn thing. I became that east coast girl who wanted to try the "LA lifestyle". Prior to coming to LA all I knew were a few coworkers and a ton of "friends of friends". So basically, I was going in blind and accepted that. I got myself an airbnb that was furnished and close to work since I didn't plan on having a car and took on LA.

Moving to a new place where you know no one sounds amazing and scary all at the same time...and let me tell you that's exactly what it is. When I first got to LA, I'm not even going to lie I had a small moment of weakness the second day...I couldn't even make it one week without breaking down. The overwhelming feeling of moving your entire life across the country and leaving everyone you know and love behind was downright scary. I had several second thoughts and still have those moments every now and again. I kept on thinking "why would I leave everything behind". Why would I choose to leave my best friends, family, and overall network for a foreign place. And honestly, I still have no idea. I always had this feeling in my heart that there is more to life. I knew my purpose in life was so much bigger than New York, and the only way to entertain that burning curiosity was to go out and get after it. I needed to be uncomfortable in order to be comfortable. New York was all I ever knew: it is the place that gave me my childhood memories, best friends who are like family, a college education, boyfriends, breakups, and essentially my life for 26 years.

This journey means so much more to me than experiencing how the west coast lives. It's more than eating In N Out whenever I want or taking pics for the gram (although you know I'm 100% LIVING for that....@raeee_ciao). I'm so excited to learn more about myself as a person. I want to conquer my fears, experience life changing experiences and learn to accept life when things don't go as planned. To many, it seems that I am an extroverted person, one who seems to have it all together all the time but to be frank I don't. I have moments where I feel weak and out of place which makes this adventure so much more fulfilling. It's a time to learn more about myself, what I am capable of, and most importantly to experience what else life has to offer. I am so excited to share this life chapter with you.

Rae Chow, Welcome to LA.

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