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#ChOutfitofTheDay - Athlesiure

I don't know about you guys but whenever I wake up in the morning one of my biggest challenges is finding something to wear. Whether I'm going to work or running some errands,I always spend way too long thinking about what I am going to wear. Now if you are from New York City or have ever lived in New York City you are well aware that people like to dress to the nines, and I mean full face of makeup, hair done like you just went to DryBar, and a drop dead gorgeous outfit. But lets jump to reality-- I for one don't have the time, money, or care tbh. Of course I want to look put together because god forbid the one day I don't I run into my future husband at the grocery store but I think I could live with the messy bun, dressed like I went to the gym but really didn't...

For days that I don't want to try to hard but want to look like I actually put effort into my outfit I always choose "Athleisure". The beauty of this clothing style is you can literally throw on leggings, a graphic tee paired with tennis shoes and a denim jacket and you look like a freakin Kardashian. It's actually genius and I wish I thought of it.

I chose the blue and black bra since most of my workout apparel is black and blue and it would be easier to match! But honestly, I can't believe how comfortable this bra is! Unlike other sports bras that I own, this one comes with a thick elastic band that sits right under need your chest which tbh is great because than the elastic doesn't get twisted. It also serves as great support for when you are doing more intense exercises than yoga. Another thing that I love is how long this bra is. I have an abnormally long torso where bras generally looks short if I were to just wear them with leggings but this one allows me to wear high waisted leggings + this bra and still feel comfortable.

  • Colors - Coral/Gray, Black/Blue, Gray/Steel

  • Price- $49.00

  • Colors - Heather Gray or Coral

  • Price- $69.00

  • Colors - Black, Coral, Beach Blue

  • Price- $49.00

Besides having a great bra to workout in, the next most important thing ( for me at least) are the leggings you are wearing. When I look for leggings to wear, I like to look for ones that are flattering and ones that suck everything up...and I mean everything because your girl likes to go overboard on her sweets. I've had way too many leggings that have been worn a little too much and start to get loose. The worst feeling during a workout is having to pull up your pants every 5 seconds. When I saw the Nina Legging, I fell in love and not just with one thing but with a BUNCH of things. First, it has a leather-like front made glossy stretch fabric which makes the leggings super versatile and FAB if you want to wear the leggings for activities other than working out. Second, they are super stretchy and comfortable- legit you can do a million squats and still feel great.

  • Colors - Black, Jade, Steel Gray, Olive, On Pointe Wine, and Indigo

  • Price- $79.00

Thank you to Peach for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own! #ad

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