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The Double Standard of Being an Ambitious Girl

“You’re a strong woman with a strong personality, and some people are scared of that.”

Recently, I’ve been hearing the above statement come from family, friends, coworkers, and friends of friends. But what the actual F*** does that mean? I thought we were supposed to be “strong, goal-oriented, independent women”? Since when has being ambitious become stigmatized to mean we’re unavailable or not worth it? ? Unclear...but in the meantime while I figure that out, here are 10 things ambitious girls tend to do when they are dating.

  1. They like a challenge- This doesn’t mean they are looking to win “the game” or be the last one standing in an argument. They want someone to challenge them, question them, and above all make them think so they can grow and learn every day.

  2. They give 100%, always- It’s in their blood to give their best effort in everything they do. These women have priorities in their life but that doesn’t mean they won’t give you 100% either.

  3. They appreciate a different kind of romance- Like all women, they love surprises, flowers, and the little things but what gets them going is having a true conversation with someone who can connect on a deeper level. An intellectual and thought provoking conversation is sexy.

  4. They say it how it is- They usually have a million + 1 things going on and no time to waste. So if they like you they won’t be afraid to say it and if you aren’t having mutual feelings they’ll respect you because you aren’t wasting their time.

  5. They ain’t no trophy wife- Don’t expect ambitious girls to be your trophy wife because they are far from it. These girls are go-getters and want to be your partner not just someone you show off.

  6. They understand priorities - They get that your world doesn’t revolve around them and probably feel the same exact way. Ambitious girls will most likely never ask you to choose between them and your other priorities because girl has her own shit to do too!

  7. They’re not impressed by your job title- Ambitious girls aren’t interested in hearing how much money you make or how successful you are becoming. They want to go deeper than that- find your true passions, vulnerabilities, and things that you connect with.

  8. They’re over the game- They don’t have time to wait 3 hours to text your back just because you took 3 hours to text them back. They’re not here for the games or dating just to date.

  9. They understand that opening up is hard- Ambitious girls are strong and confident and are so used to being in control. When they are dating they try to allow themselves to take the back seat and become vulnerable. They understand that not everyone is comfortable opening themselves up like a book and are working on that too!

  10. They want more than just material things- At the end of the day ambitious girls just want someone who connects with them and shares the same values. They want someone who makes them happy and who is passionate about something. They’re not fantasizing over big diamonds and fancy vacations but rather feel fulfilled by someone who is willing to be their person and partner in life.

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