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27 Things I've Learned So Far

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Another year older and maybe another year wiser. For some reason this birthday feels different then the rest. Maybe it's because I'm finally getting a handle on this whole "adulting" thing. Or maybe I'm just finally learning how to actually live my life to it's fullest potential! Or maybe it's neither of those things and I'm finally understanding who I am and what makes me happy. For this birthday, instead of listing out a bunch of things I wish to accomplish, I've decided to list out a bunch of things I have learned over the past 27 years of my life. Lets get it.

1. How to finally do my hair and makeup the way I like it, without any assistance ( this was a big one)

2. How to spend within my means

3. Setting time aside for self-care everyday and not just on Sundays

4. Incorporating a healthy life lifestyle and workout routine that I love

5. How insurance and deductibles work

6. How my 401K and investments work...kinda

7. How to cook dinner for a small dinner party without using frozen foods

8. How to drink alcohol socially and without getting blacked out -- still working this one

9. Self love

10. Learning how to please myself before I please others

11. How to deal with heartbreak

12. Networking, effectively

13. When to take life seriously or when to just laugh about things

14. How to properly forgive and ask for forgiveness

15. Following my dreams and passions

16. How to drink coffee without a shit ton of sugar

17. Putting myself out there

18. Not caring what anyone else thinks

19. Going out of my comfort zone

20. How to use time effectively and efficiently

21. Knowing and accepting that It's okay to spend an entire weekend staying in with PJ's and ordering seamless....

22. BECS + SECS are the basics for a great relationship.

23. Don't bring baggage from past relationships into a new one

24. Always give people second chances. But if they screw that one up then that's it

25. Be open minded

26. Always remember that not everyone experiences the same things

27. Doing things for myself

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