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#ChOutfitofTheDay: Sporty Meets Chic

Fall season is one of my favorites right after winter of course (shoutout to my winter babes out there!) and one of the reasons why is because of all of the fashion trends that come to life. More recently I have been seeing a lot of women wear "sporty chic" pants paired with a more formal top. If you're having a hard time visualizing what I am saying basically think of the classic Adidas stripe on the side pants paired with a classic Oxford shirt. Sounds weird and honestly was super weird to me at first, but hey it's just fashion and it's just clothes.

For Reference:

West End Pants: Medium

My Height: 5'5

My Usual Size: 4/6 or 28 ( If you're heavier on the bottom I would recommend sizing up. I usually wear a small but these fit like a glove on me!)

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