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#ChOutfitofTheDay: Sporty Meets Chic

Fall season is one of my favorites right after winter of course (shoutout to my winter babes out there!) and one of the reasons why is because of all of the fashion trends that come to life. More recently I have been seeing a lot of women wear "sporty chic" pants paired with a more formal top. If you're having a hard time visualizing what I am saying basically think of the classic Adidas stripe on the side pants paired with a classic Oxford shirt. Sounds weird and honestly was super weird to me at first, but hey it's just fashion and it's just clothes.

As you all know, I am a proud ambassador for the clothing line Peach. Peach is known for clothing that is perfect for the gym work or play! For someone who is always looking to wear versatile clothing ( mainly bc my closet in NYC is small AF and I don't have enough room!), Peach offers just that- clothing that I can wear to work, straight to drinks and EVEN for a quick stroll right before I go home :)

Let's get into the details. Like most people, I love being comfortable. Whether I'm lounging on the couch at home, slaying away at work, or hanging out with friends- it's literally my top priority. When I saw these West End Pants in the new London Calling Collection I knew I had to have them! They are extremely comfortable, knit like black pants with a sporty white stripe down the side of each leg. Pretty much they fit and feel like leggings but look like a regular dress pant- mind blown. They also have wide elastic band on the waist that is perfect for sucking everything and keeping the tummy/waist area happy! These pants are made out of a special material, Ponte, that is comprised of 65% Rayon, 30% Nylon, and 5% Spandex, which is why they are literally the most comfortable pants I own.

For Reference:

West End Pants: Medium

My Height: 5'5

My Usual Size: 4/6 or 28 ( If you're heavier on the bottom I would recommend sizing up. I usually wear a small but these fit like a glove on me!)

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