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You know you're an Asian-American when...

If you didn't know, May is the month of Asian Pacific Heritage Month. And if you also didn't know I am Asian ( shocker right?). To celebrate this wonderful month with a twist, I thought I would kick off the #OwnYourAsian series with a post about "14 Things you know to be true if you're Asian American". Let's get started!

  1. Shoes should never be worn in the house

  • The entrance of your house always has a pile of shoes + a basket of slippers for your guests. You automatically take your shoes off whenever you go to your friends house and if they don't do the same in your house you def give some side eye.

  1. There is no better weekend brunch than DIM SUM

  • Boozy brunch is definitely fun but if you haven't experienced dim sum then you haven't experienced real brunch. What's better than cute asian women walking around with carts that have delicious foods? I mean why get 1 dish when you get can 10 small dishes?!

  1. You're supposedly great at school especially Math and Science

  • Growing up, if you got a 90 on your test, your parents would most likely ask what happened to the other 10 points. And if you got a 100 they would ask about the bonus points. On top of that, all relatives expect you to become a doctor, lawyer, or engineer and if you aren't pursuing that than they question you. But I mean is where the fun is at am I right?!

  1. Asian Women are deemed to be docile and subservient

  • Not really sure why men think this is a thing because in reality most asian women are definitely not like this....or at least the ones I know!

  1. You have a draw full of chopsticks

  • This is crucial as most of your meals growing up are 90% asian and you 100% have had rice every night. Most Asian American families have nice plastic chopsticks vs flimsy wooden ones from Chinese Restaurants. What is a fork anyways?

  1. Chinese New Year is the best time of the year

  • Getting red envelopes full of money from almost every family member every year JUST BECAUSE!? Yes please.

  1. You know where to get real Chinese food

  • You are well aware that Sesame Chicken and Genera Tso Chicken is just as authentically Chinese as a hotdog is authentically American.

  1. You have drawers full of plastic bags and plastic over your remote controls

  • Still unclear on this one but if anyone ever needs an extra plastic bag for something, I'm your girl!

  1. People think you are bad at driving.

  • Speaking for myself...I passed my driving test with flying colors and have never gotten a ticket so UNCLEAR where this stereotype began. But cmon guys, trust us!

  1. You often get mistaken as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Filipino.

  • It is inevitable that non-Asians often mistake you as a different type of Asian. Let me put it simple for you guys, yes we are all Asian but we absolutely DO NOT look a like. That's just like saying all Italians, Germans, and French people look alike because they are from Europe.

  1. But where are you from...?

  • When you get this question you often roll your eyes. However you will most likely answer by telling them your hometown. PSA to anyone who has ever asked this question, If you're trying to ask what country ones family is from ask "What ethnicity are you or what country is your family from".

  1. Enough with the "Model Minority"

  • Yes Asians are a minority but we aren't by any means a 'model' minority. We still go through the same struggles as any other minority and furthermore are definitely not shown enough spotlight in the media, sports, arts, etc.

  1. Your parents had the funniest/strangiest asian remedies

  • Going to the doctor was the last resort since every asian mama had a cabinet and book full of asian remedies. Everything from rolling a hard boiled egg to make a black and blue go away to eating or drinking certain foods to make a headache/stomachache disappear. It's like they're witches or something!

  1. Musical Instruments + Weekend School

  • Language/Cultural class on Saturday and piano or string instrument practice on Sundays. No questions asked.

To check out more of my ramblings about being Asian-American, read about it below and be sure to check back for the next post in the #OwnYourAsian series.

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