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#ChOutfitOfTheDay - Mom Jeans

Ever since I could remember, I've always had a love hate relationship with jeans. I always find myself not liking how jeans fit me whether they are too tight, too low, too high, or the color just isn't doing it for me. More recently, I've find myself gravitating towards the high waisted jeans rather than the low waisted jeans-- thank god that phase is over.

Before my trip to Austin, I headed over to my local H&M to do some browsing and absolutely fell in love with these "Mom Pants Flare Jeans". To be completely honest I never really go for flared jeans as I tend to like how skinny jeans fit but when I saw these I had to try them on!

For a 5'5 girl, these jeans hit the ankle nicely with a little bootie. For the above look I paired these jeans with a loose floral tank top from LF and my leather jacket! What's great about these pair of jeans is that it's super versatile and you can easily wear it from work to a night out.


Unlike most of my jeans these did not have much stretch at all which is why I sized up ( plus H&M's sizes are literally out of wack). Because I went a size up, I was happy to find that the jeans had a belt that came with it- this allowed me to adjust the fit depending on how I felt -- or if I ate one too many cookies...


Most of my jeans are darker wash or black simply because it makes me look thinner and more sleek. I always struggle with purchasing a lighter wash of high waisted jeans because of the fact that you can literally see everything. With this wash, it is the perfect combination of "true blue".


$39.99 - I repeat, $39.99 - it's pretty much self explanatory.

What are your favorite style of jeans for this upcoming season?

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