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#ChOutfitOfTheDay - Winter Coats

Halfway through the first month of 2018 and it is still snowing...well at least in New York! Living in a city that has four different seasons has definitely taught me the importance of dressing correctly for the weather. Ya girl is not tryna be caught in a rainstorm without the right shoes or without a jacket. The art of layering has been ingrained into my brain as New York City is notorious for having cold days that turn warm and vice versa. One thing that I have finally mastered this year is the PERFECT winter coat. One that says, hey I'm fashionable but not freezing...and let me tell you it was harder than it seemed.

This winter there have been a couple of cozy coat trends that have come up. Take a look at my top three winter coat looks this season!

Teddy Bear

Yes I probably look like a huge teddybear/sheep lob trotting through NYC but hey its warm and I look cute! I got mine at H&M at a GREAT price, but I've also included some similar styles that are also trendy af.

Long Camel Peacoat

Another classic trend that I have been loving is the knee-length peacoat, specifically in a camel/tan color. This is perfect for the workweek since it makes you LOOK like you're put together even if you aren't-- trust me we've all been there. Plus it looks classy af so it's a great staple to have in your closet and changes it up from the all black peacoat that honestly needs to be retired. I found mine at Missguided last year AND it even has zippers bc I mean who doesn't love a good coat with zippers?

Asymmetrical Puffer Coat

So because it gets so cold in New York City and I mean COLD af where you don't want to leave your apartment, a puffer is ESSENTIAL! Now most people really don't care about looking cute when it's that cold out but if you can get the best of both worlds and be fashionable, trendy and warm why not? To change up the boring, universal puffer that most people have, I've really been feeling the asymmetrical zipper puffer coats that have been popping up. I have a black Cole Haan one that has an asymmetrical zipper and oversized hood that makes me feel as if I was bundled up like a little sushi roll. I couldn't find the exact one but here are some similar styles below.

What winter coat styles are you guys rocking?!

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