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#ThePerfectBreakup: Why Deleting Your Ex on Social is The Best Cure For A Breakup

We get it. We've all been there. You're in love and everything is great and then BAM you're not. They say, "its not you its me", "things are going too fast right now" or "I just really need to focus on myself".

I say bullshit.

That part of your life is over and it's time to get you ready for the next. Sure you'll have your friends over and drink till you pass out or shamelessly go on bumble and tinder dates just to fill the hole, but the core of it is still there and it's still raw. A couple of days pass by and you are finally doing better. You decide to scroll through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and everything is good. You move onto Snapchat to check out everyone's stories from last night and then you pause. You slowly read their name and debate if you should click on it. Part of you wants to see what their night was about and the other part of you doesn't give a shit. That moment passes and you click on their name finding yourself staring immensely at their 30 second Snapchat story filled with loud music and random people dancing. Then you see it. Something that you wish you could un-see. It wasn't even that bad but the fact that you are now not a part of their life irks you. You keep replaying it to see who was there, what they are doing or if there is any background noise. Then you shut it off.

If you have experienced a breakup during Snapchat's existence, the above scenario should be similar to you. Snapchat has been a blessing and a curse for our generation. It is a great way to keep up with friends who you don't talk to every single day or to entertain yourself throughout the day. Heck- sometimes it's just fun watching what other people do during their day. But like with all good things, there is always a downfall. The fact that Snapchat is so easy and easily accessible, is what makes it so frustrating when you are trying to get over an S.O. Of course if you are still FB friends or follow them on Instagram or Twitter you will still see things that you don't want to see but with Snapchat everything is pretty much live + no one really posts intimate things on IG unless you're that type of person (*side eye*). You can't edit your video or picture THAT much to perceive something different. You can't stop the outside or side noise in a Snap video. It is all LIVE.

So I'll let you in on one of the greatest tips I received when trying to get through a breakup. Delete them from Snapchat. You'll avoid being surprised with jealousy-inflicting posts during your routine morning social media scroll.

Breakups are a funny thing. We deal with breakups with silence and distractions. We avoid all interaction because we fear confrontation and closure. We deal with breakups by looking the other way and pretending that the person never existed. With social media being such a big part of most people's lives, it is still possible to keep silence amongst your breakups by deleting them off social. Some may say it is petty but in reality it is helping you move on, and thats the only thing that matters.

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