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How to Beat a F*ck Boy at His Own Game

Let’s just face it- dating is hard. Like really hard. For those of you who are in happy relationships or know people who are in happy relationships-they’re lying to you or you’re lying to yourself. Just kidding! Happy that some of you are able to find love and happiness. But for the 85% of you who join me on the single team let’s get real real about this topic. First off, there are several stages of dating.

  1. The Initial Meet- Whether you meet through a friend or online (because seriously who ACTUALLY meets someone out?) And if you have, lmk which bar... This is when the sparks are really flowing and the vibes are really vibing. Whether it’s physical attraction or something deeper, that feeling lasts for a while and you think hey, maybe there is actually a chance here. *Numbers exchanged*

  2. Honeymoon Phase- Two weeks go by and you pretty much tell yourself you are “seeing someone” whatever that means. This is the phase where you get giddy and excited when he texts, snaps, calls, or DMs you. This is when you’re legit on cloud 9 and think that you’re about the bring him to Thanksgiving Dinner.

  3. The Plateau- It gets to be about a month and you pretty much talk every day and see each other 2-3 times a week, which trusts me, is a lot. You’re thinking about him 24/7 and are starting to think about having “that conversation”. You know, the one where you ask: what are we? Shit’s getting serious af.

  4. The Fall- Just as you’re about to have the conversation he starts to back away and gets flaky. Plans you made are broken/canceled and he isn’t reaching out as much anymore. Panic Mode. Did you say something wrong? Did you reveal too much too fast? Does he think your eating habits are weird or better yet maybe your skills aren’t up to par? Thoughts start running through your head... with the common theme: I did something wrong.

Nope! You didn’t do anything wrong. In fact you probably went above AND beyond for this guy and are the ideal partner in a relationship. If the above process has happened to you at least once, then you my friend, have been affected by a f*ck boy. Don’t worry we all have been at least once.

F*ck Boy: A person who is a weak ass pussy, that ain't bout shit

Source: Urban Dictionary

This above process has happened to me- let’s just say a good amount of times- which has helped me to construct the perfect solution for how to handle such a special type. I’ve literally found the key to overcoming these types... Are you ready?

The way to overcome a f*ck boy is to be a f*ck girl back. Plain and simple. Now initially this may seem like you’re stooping to their level of ridiculousness, but in fact, you are just beating them at their own game. The only way to really anticipate f*ck boy behavior is to put yourself in their situation and feed it right back to them. Reverse psychology actually works.

*mic drop*

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