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Occupation: Retail Manager

Age: 23

Location: San Diego, CA

Salary: $45K-$55K

Category: Lifestyle

Total Spent This Week: $463.99

Sunday It was the week of Coachella Weekend 2 and I still had nothing to wear. I went to Urban Oufitters and bought a rad pineapple shirt, sunglasses, and tie-dye shirt ($109.91), went to Zara and purchased another sweet shirt ($53.77), and to J.Crew to buy some shorts ($45.33). I normally don't buy anything not outside of the clearance or sale area for these stores but desperate times calls for desperate measures, it was Coachella SZN. Total Spent: $209.01

Tuesday Went to get some Costco Gas because it's super cheap compared to the rest of the gas stations in San Diego - plus I get Costco points and cash back on my credit card! Hollaaaa ($31.63). Total Spent: $31.63

Wednesday Had to get some more socks since a few pairs vanished mysteriously when I was doing my laundry. I went over to Macy's and they were having a sale! ($21.55). Total Spent: $21.55

Thursday It was my Mama's Birthday and my siblings and I decided to chip in and buy her a gift. We split a massage gift certificate ($50 each) and a Teavana tea set ($7.50 each). I actually ended up spending $40 at Teavana because I reloaded my Starbucks app to get the reward stars. This was the day we were leaving for Coachella and I paid for the grocceries for the Weekend at Vons ($78.62) but my friends venmoed me back so I really only spent $19.65. We also stopped for dinner at Yardhouse and I had my favorite beer ever (Hefeweizen) plus a sandwich/fries ($25.15). It's the freaking weekend, baby ima have me some fun. Total Spent: $102.30

Friday I was super stoked being at Coachella that I decided to buy my friends some beer ($50). I also bought two waters that day since it was insanely hot outside ($4) Total Spent: $54.00

Saturday Second day of Coachella and I learned from the first day that water is key to survival in the Desert. I of course had to buy a beer and some food ($23). However, the cool thing was, since I was using my American Express card at Coachella, I got $10 back - so I really only sepnt $13. Total Spent: $13

Wow! I am shook. Taking the time and writing down my expenses for this week definitely puts my spending habits into perspective. I was kinda cool yet horrifying to see how much money I actually spend. That said, I usually am pretty frugal with my money but this week was extra special since it was Coachella and I was super excited! However, I did spend over my budget for the week and will have to eat cup of noodles for a 2 weeks straight.

Welcome to the “My 2 Cents Transaction” Series, a money diary log written by contributors of all different income levels, locations, and occupations. Each contributor will be logging their weekly expenses in either food, lifestyle, or activities/entertainment. This is not meant to flaunt what other people are doing or how much they are spending but to open the eyes of individuals about money and how to take control of your future finances. Thanks so much for reading as always & if you’d like to be an anonymous contributor feel free to email me at or message me on Insta/Twitter. xx Rae

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