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This is What Happens When You Walk Out In Workout Pants

Sweatpants? Yes.

Leggings? Love 'em.

Yoga Pants? OBSESSED with them.

Cat calls on the daily? Loathe them.

If you are a woman who lives for comfort then you're probably like me and own about 20 different pairs of leggings, sweatpants, and yoga pants. Oh and you probably live in them too....unless you have a corp job (sorry bout that). Don't get me wrong I love being comfortable and believe that you should be 100% of the time unless you have to dress up for whatever reason. But I don't love the uncalled for commentary that comes along with being comfortable.

For all my ladies who are reading this, what is the first thing you think about when you put yoga pants on?

  • SWEAT STAINS...yikes!

  • Ah! Now that feels better

  • Damn, I gotta start hitting the gym more

  • Why isn't this stretchy enough!

  • Shit, I hope this isn't see-through

  • Quick check for that camel-toe....Oops

PS: Aren't my friends funny ^^

For all the dudes who somehow stumbled upon this post (god help you/TY for reading), what is the first thing you think about when you see a girl in yoga pants?

Actually scratch that, we all know what inappropriate thoughts go through your mind, you can keep that to yourself.

The point is, this morning I left my apartment to head to my part time job (at a gym) and the uniform we are encouraged to wear is black yoga pants/workout pants, an employee shirt and sneakers. As I got dressed at 5 AM I threw on some old navy black workout pants, my employee shirt, sneakers and a black zip-up since it was cold. I head out to walk about 7 minutes to the subway and within 2 min of being outside, I hear two men whistling at me from their trucks, rude af. I continue down to the subway half asleep and sit on the N for 8 stops. As I stand up to get off the subway and run up the stairs, I get another "ay mami" from the old man chilling by the is now 5:20 AM. I then continue to walk to the gym (5 min) and get 2 more honks and 1 more holler. I arrive and its 5:25.

Within the span of 25 min and a distance of 2.7 miles at 5 AM there were a total of 6 cat calls. S I X. Now as a woman who enjoys being comfortable and feels that it should be ok to walk around NYC in just workout pants I was upset. Mainly upset at how women are treated when they are walking around minding their own business. This doesn't stop at what we wear but also how we portray our faces to look. If a woman is not smiling we often are questioned as to why we aren't smiling. If a woman is smiling, men view that as an open invitation to hit on her. This isn't okay or right. It is actually down right disgusting.

So as I started my day, I learned two things. One- I should always think twice about stepping out of my apartment in just yoga pants. And two, I should be damn proud and wear what I want and not give a shit. Because at the end of the day boys, let me let you in on a little secret: we wear it for ourselves not you.

Rant Over.

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