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Stop Doing What You Know

It’s been three years since I’ve graduated college and about a year of living on my own in the big apple. Through these post college years I’ve gone through a lot-- new job, new friends, new relationships, and a new living situation. I’ve learned that things either workout for a reason or they don’t because that’s not what life intended. I’ve learned that people will 100% let you down and you will feel like crap but then other people will surprise you completely and maybe even sweep you off your feet. All I’m trying to say is, we’re in our twenties and this adventure is about to go down and the best part is WE get to decide how it goes.

You have the wheel and you can decide what you do with your spare time and who you spend it with. You decide if you want to sit on your couch eating doritos or go for a 3mi run… (lolz never the latter).

As I was sipping on my 3rd iced coffee during my midday walk,I started going into #RaeChowDayDreams ~ cue transition music~ The way we carry ourselves throughout our life and the game time decisions we make all lead us to different paths and scenarios. I find that most people tend to live a life “within their lane”. Meaning- we tend to gravitate towards things that we know and spend time with people we know. We would rather take a workout class we know we would excel in rather than making a fool ourselves in a class that is challenging. If we’re posted up at a bar, we would most likely gravitate towards our friends instead of branching out and talking to someone across the bar we’ve been making the ~eyez~ with. See the below image for how to make the ~eyez~

It’s super natural for human beings to want to feel comfortable in their everyday lives. But tbh that gets boring real quick, or at least I think so. So this is an ode to stepping out of your lane and doing something different. Try talking to someone when you’re on the coffee line or walking to work. Sign up for an improv class or club sports team. Put yourself out there because if you don’t you'll be staying in your lane, interacting with the same people and having the same outcomes. This is an ode to yourself, because what's the worst that can happen?


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