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A Reply to: 25 Things I Still Don't Understand at 25

To those of you who actually know me IRL you probably have had the pleasure of meeting my mother, Patty aka Prez Pat. Also, who am I kidding anyone who read this blog is friends/family (hey y'all). Anyways, one of the best things about my mom is that we are best friends even though she lives 3,000 miles away. What's even better is that she is actually pretty avid on social media and keeping up with me and my 3 brothers via social media. When she read my most recent post, 25 things I still Don't Understand at 25 she had the best reply. Her responses are in bold. Also, LOL to the face that some of these were taken literal!

As I near the halfway point of my 25th year of life on this beautiful earth, I sit here during work (oops) thinking damn, I still don’t know shit. I’d like to think that during my 25 short years I have learned a thing or two- mainly how to still function at work while being terribly hungover and learning how to cook rice in a pot (sorry for growing up with a rice cooker #asianparents) However, there is still a ton I don’t know- so why not list them out? If you have more- feel free to comment them below!

  1. WTF is a deductible? Min payt. By insured before actual benefits paid by insurance company

  2. Is global warming a real thing…? And should we be worried? Yes it is real, but don’t worry about it

  3. People who don’t know how to balance hanging out their friends and their significant other Actually an unconscious choice being made which makes it seem unbalanced.

  4. Investments, stocks, all things money. *Cue Finance Boyfriend RN* Need to learn basics or have a good accountant friend you trust.

  5. How much water am I supposed to be drinking so I can be ~healthy~ ? At least 8 glasses per day

  6. How to let go of someone whole heartedly? Cut off social media

  7. Taxes (Get a tax accountant/attorney you trust)

  8. How to never, ever get the Sunday Scaries (What is SundayScaries?)

  9. How to say no..or yes to things Only way is via trial and error, basically life experiences…

  10. How to casually talk to the opposite sex without having to expect something or give something. That is only in a perfect world and idealist thinking…just do the best you can..

  11. Why wine makes you sleepy drunk? (Alcohol is a depressant, makes your body tired)

  12. Why you have to go to the airport two hours before any flight. TSA and traffic but in smaller airports probably do not need)

  13. How to wear heels and not get blisters. Another myth, heels will cause blisters and women suffer

  14. Men. Are from Mars so wont be able to understand, just accept

  15. What exactly is credit? You are a good risk because you will pay off money lent to you

  16. The difference between tylenol and Advil? Tylenol is an Acetaminophen. Acetaminophen works through the liver. It raises the pain threshold so it's pretty much just trying to numb yourself to the pain. It also targets the part of the brain that regulates the body temperature by telling the body to get cooler. Advil is an Ibuprofen. Ibuprofen reduces hormones that cause pain and inflammation (swelling). It's in a family of drugs that blocks specific enzymes involved in the inflammation process. A major side effect of Ibuprofen is the harmful effect on people's stomach linings. It's great for reducing swelling and thinning the blood for the immediate treatment of heart attack (at that moment). Prolonged overuse of ibuprofen can CAUSE heart problems.

  17. When it says “dry clean only” do they really mean dry clean only? YES

  18. How daylight savings actually works Daylight Saving Time (DST) is the practice of setting the clocks forward 1 hour from standard time during the summer months, and back again in the fall, in order to make better use of natural daylight.

  19. How to thank your parents for everything (TYSM Pat & Lars). Be nice to them and call them to tell them about your life and spend time with them… haha

  20. How your mom is always right! Years of practicing and learning from trail and error in life aka from raising kids, reading books also helps

  21. Damn proofs *cue 10th grade algebra/geometry* If you graduated from HS then you probably wont need to know again until your kids ask you..

  22. How to make your best friend feel better when her world falls apart. Let her talk and just listen then tell her when one door shuts another one opens…everything looks better the next morning…

  23. How I forgave you. Time heals and allows you to learn to forgive

  24. Why people are just not nice. Bad luck in life and coping by being mean

  25. How to actually “adult”. No magic, one day you realize it happens probably when you are mentoring a kid/tween/young adult and it feels good you are able to mentor

This was amazing to read and fun to respond….you are already adulting pretty well, enjoy the learning experiences of life.Wise beyond your years.HAHA

Love mom

Mom, you are the true number 1.

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